Getting Started

Step ONE

To Start you Will need to download a wallet from: Wallets.

Now for why you are doing this, you need a wallet to hold the Tokens

Step TWO

Choose the wallet that fits your operting system best

Why: So that your computer knows what program to run

The rest of this will be a windows install. I don't have a mac

Step Three

Install wallet

Why: So your computer can run the program

You can just press next all the way through.

You Don't have to just press next, you can fill out every page the way you want

Step Four

Open wallet and let it sync

Why: This step is so your computer can download and check the blockchain. Why that important? you can Google it

This Might take a while

Step Five

Once The block chain is sync click settings and select options

why:It is just a step

Step Six

Enable Log Event

Why:This lets your wallet know you want you want to let it exept Tokens

Step Seven

Press Ok and reset the wallet

Why:so it can reset

Step Eight

The Blockchain will reset again. And Yes it will take some time

Why: This step is so that your wallet can now check for the Tokens on the Blockchain. See Enable log

Step Nine

On the bottom left side click on hrc Token

Why: JUST CLICK IT, CLICK IT!!!!! This is the area of the wallet that tokens are kept

Step Ten

Click on Add Token

why: OMG ClICK IT, It will allow you to add Tokens to the wallet

Step Eleven

Choose the Type of Token you want and copy the contract

Why: There are many differnt types of Token, You Might want one or all its up to you

Step Twelve

paste the contract in the contract Adress line and choose a Token Address

why: I Don't know. Really I Don't Know. Mabey it so your Wallet Knows What you Want

Step Thirteen

The reset of the fields will fill and then click confirm

why: TADA

Step Fourteen

The Token will show up Here

send me that addrees it will a start with an H

Why: So that way I know what to send you. Otherwise i'll just be sitting her waiting, and nothing would show up in my email. Then i would be sad

The Email to Send The address and Token type to is