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Welcome to Banana Tokens

The only Tokens I know that are commemorative Tokens of Bananas

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Draft one of the White Paper.

-Send me a Html address and type of token @ and i'll send you the amount i feel like.

All The Tokens:

Banana Token
contract 17324921129455229476b5fd5f32151b7030939c
  • Total Tokens 1,000,000

  • WOW Banana WOW
    contract 160d5e909ff28a314fdb2e6a2ac9849e28278420
  • Total Tokens about 6.42x10^68

  • Banana Gold
    contract 7b59932554615a0dab07246b6470d5f92a0fffc5
  • Total Tokens 100,000

  • Banana Cash
    contract ea73a61b935caf0ea94173833bd1142d2724d90b
  • Total Tokens 1,000,000

  • Black Banana Opal
    contract 75ce96794a75beba52783ffc1269265060ce53b6
  • Total Tokens 2

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